Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Modern baby quilts in the making....

Creativity seems to be flowing from within me this past week. I've managed to whip up 3 cot sized modern baby quilts in just 4 days and that includes pulling out the perfect groupings of fabrics together, often the part that takes me way too long. Each quilt has either one or two Valorie Wells fabrics in them which was my starting point in coordinating the perfect mix of colours and patterns. I love this improvisational style of piecing, its like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle and is a great way to make favourite prints stand out.
My inspiration fabric for this blue/green quilt top was the large scale butterfly print on a white background which started a bit of a butterfly theme happening. I've had the two smaller butterfly prints for quite some time in the "waiting for the perfect project" pile :-)
 I think this one is my favourite...I love the large scale birds from Valorie's Nest fabric line and also the line of red butterflies through the centre. 
This was the first quilt top to be put together with the large scale butterfly print in a blue colourway as the starting point. I like the fun retro feel this collection of prints has given this quilt top. Now I have a few evenings of relaxing hand-quilting in front of me....
My constant companion Leo having a little rest in between his crazy kitten antics. Thankfully he has fully recovered from a bad infestation of worms and is now his normal full of energy bouncing ball of fluff. A couple of weeks ago he was skin and bone looking very sad and helpless :-(

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The season to come....

 After enduring a few rather too cold days this past week today's milder temperature was most welcome and I felt compelled to take a break from my sewing and housework to walk around my winter garden and take a few photos of what is in flower at the moment. Due to a mischievous kitten waking me up early on Sunday morning I had time before church to pick some Daphne, Erlicheer daffodils and Violets to fill our home with their sweet fragrance for the rest of the week.
 These girls are starting to earn their keep this week too... they must have heard me threaten to replace them a few times lately. Store brought eggs are so inferior once you've had your own free-range ones. 
And these two A4 size art supply/journalling folders are what I've produced from my sewing attic this week. I was hoping to list them in my Etsy shop tonight but I'm not happy with how the colours have turned out in the numerous photos I took this afternoon. The colours are really washed out especially with the lighter one on top in the above photo. Will have to try again tomorrow...
 Disappointing photos aside I am happy with how they have turned out. LOVE these vibrant batik fabrics.
There are 3 large A4 sized pockets to hold sketching pads, an ipad or similar sized tablet along with individual pen pockets and a couple of  smaller pockets too. 
Lets hope this milder clear sunny weather lasts throughout the weekend at least. Surely spring must just be around the corner :-)

Monday, July 14, 2014

The tumbler quilt...version 2

This quilt is the twin sister of Elena's quilt which I finished and posted about back here. I decided that it would not take much more time and effort to cut out enough pieces to make up two quilts, one for Elena and one to sell in my shop. I pinned the 3 layers together on Friday night with no firm idea how I was going to quilt it. Thankfully inspiration came to me over night along with the perfect wet and windy day on Saturday to stay inside and get to work on this modern baby quilt. I'm using 5 different colours of Perle cotton to quilt various sized circles randomly drawn on with a fabric marking pen. 
Unfortunately as cute as Leo our kitten is he is not at all helpful in getting this quilt quilted. Every time he sees the quilt on my lap he seems to think it's an invitation to push his way underneath either to play with the pins or sleep under the quilts warm layers depending on his mood.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A4 Art/journalling folders

 Freshly added to my Etsy shop today are these A4 size Art/journalling folders made with my favourite colourful and vibrant batik cottons.

 They have each been embellished with some pretty machine embroidery as well as a handmade button and loop enclosure to keep everything securely together.
 Inside are 3 larger A4 sized pockets, 1 smaller pocket for pens or a small writing pad, 3 individual pen pockets and 2 business card pockets.
 Working with these happy colourful fabrics makes these cold wet wintry days more bearable...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A quilt for Elena

 Finished this fresh, modern baby quilt yesterday with the final stage of hand-stitching the binding to the back of the quilt. 

Even though it takes a lot longer I think the soft look of hand-quilting is worth the extra time and a couple of sore fingers from pulling the needle through.

These random wavy lines around the border were harder than I thought. I ended up unpicking my first attempt as it looked too uniform and intentional but I'm glad I persevered because I love the end result.

This quilt was a custom order for a friends first grand-daughter. The overall design and choice of fabrics were left to me to decide as long as it was predominately blue and modern which I hope I've succeeded in. Tomorrow it will be on its way to Ireland...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flag inspired retro dining chairs

 Finished up the last of these chairs yesterday afternoon.  Once again one of my neighbours helped me out and fixed a couple of the chair seat bases that were in need of some minor strengthening repairs.
 So after I had finished the Union Jack chair, inspiration came to me to do the other two chairs with simple flag designs so they would have not only be a similar colour but also have some sort of theme in common too. A quick search on Google and I came up with the 'Swiss' and 'Norwegian' flag designs chosen because of their simplicity and similar colour combos. I also needed them to look good with the blue and white stripe oilcloth that I already and put aside to cover the seats. So pleased with how they have turned out. Wish I had more of these chairs to re-vamp now... Which one do you like best??

Sunday, May 25, 2014

British inspired.....

 The first of my 3 retro dining chairs is finished and I have to say I am really pleased with how it's turned out. I love the colour combo of  red/aqua/white and I think the proportions of each colour works well.
This is the 3rd Union Jack design I've painted on a piece of furniture so feeling relatively confident I decided to challenge myself by painting the Union Jack design on both sides of the chair back. It was a lot harder than I thought to get those diagonal lines to wrap around the top of the back chair legs. Actually I don't really think that I gave much thought to how hard it might be. I just thought it would look good with the design on both sides. 
 I really love the shiny bright red oilcloth especially against the glossy white. 
So for the last couple of weeks I've been really undecided on what to do with the other chairs. I really want all 3 to look like they go together as a set but also that each one can stand alone as a statement piece of furniture. It was only yesterday that I finally decided on what to do with the other two chairs and sorry but  I'm not going to even drop a hint of what I am going to do but I can't wait to start work on them ;-)
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